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Posted 4 months ago by Rumble Jack

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Rumble Jack


I am trying to model the egress of occupants through a large building with several floors. The occupants have a mixed age and gender profile and are unfamiliar with the building. The attached figures shows the building model. I believe that the occupant behaviour of exit path selection does not seem to be realistic. Figure ModelExits shows the region of interest with the

exits indicated. Among the four available exits, not a single occupant chose exit 2 (E2) and few occupants chose exit 3 (E3) instead prefer queuing at the other doors. According to the Pathfinder model, this makes sense as the occupants choose the shortest path. However, in this case where the occupants are unfamiliar with the routes, they should not be aware of the shortest path rather they should make the door choice as the situation unfolds.  I get better results when I change the cost factors for queuing, door preference and distance penalty. I would like to know if there is any guidance on how and which cost factors should be used?

I hope the question is clear and someone can help me out. 



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Bryan Klein

Bryan Klein posted 3 months ago Admin

If you could share your model, it might be easier to see what is happening.

If you can't share here, please email to support.


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Rumble Jack posted 4 months ago

Sorry, this seems to have ended up in the Pyrosim forum. I guess the forum selection from the "post topic" does not seem work.

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