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Posted 6 months ago by Reto Fahrni

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Reto Fahrni

Is it possible in the Pyrosim Results Viewer to define the position, camera angle (focal length) and camera direction numerically? It would be interesting to get a view at a certain height above ground to visualize the smoke density at that height. 

(I tried several things, checked the manual and had a look at the .views file, but could not find a solution.)

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Bryan Klein

Bryan Klein posted 5 months ago Admin

There is a way to write a json file in a specific format that will let you import views into the Results Viewer.  I will see if we can get some documentation on that file format and get back to you.

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Reto Fahrni posted 5 months ago

It would be sufficient for me, if it was possible to define the view in the .views file. However, I could not find the specification for this file. 

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